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Children Designing


"The appeal of design thinking, which evolved out of strategies to improve product design, is that it fosters brainstorming and collaboration skills that are valuable in a changing world where many challenges don’t have textbook answers.” (Edmund, A. 2019)

Girls Creating Art
Girl with a Hammer

“…Design thinking principles in children’s education, such as empathy, collaboration and facilitation, human-centeredness, and creativity by iterations of prototyping and testing, will provide a sound base for children not only seeking to enter a design profession in the future but moving into any profession in the future and will lead to higher engagement at school and greater success in life.” (Liub & Noel, 2017)

Girls Drawing

“To cope with the complex and ever-changing demands of the 21st century, learners require collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. These skills are increasingly becoming a focus in both K–12 and higher education settings.” (Diefenthaler et al, 2017)

Boy Doing a Project

“Mainly, design thinking forced the students to become flexible in their thinking. Some students who struggle with perfectionism became frustrated at first when they failed, but through the process realized that they must persevere.“ (Stith et al, 2020)

Children Showing off their Creations

“Design thinking is not a single answer but one of several solutions that can pave the way to more meaningful learning. The elements of design thinking bring new voices into the design of solutions to our biggest problems and show both our students and our communities how our combined knowledge is key to a more just and abundant future.” (Strauss, 2019)

To learn more about the many benefits of design-thinking in the classroom please check out the following publications.

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