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During School
Teachers use the studio as an environment in which to teach students using design and build as learning modalities. The Studio provides the tools, materials, and environment needed to support students in developing creative concepts, prototyping, and building them. With soft seating areas, whiteboard walls and tables, media carts, workbenches, toolboxes, and a plethora of sketching, prototyping, and building materials, the Studio is equipped with all of the essentials of a modern, professional design-build lab.

After School
Student groups and clubs use the Studio to design and build projects that advance their respective missions. For example, Viking Garden Club may use the Studio to design garden signs and compost containers, and Engineer Club may use the space to design and engineer robotic projects.

Design-Build Workshops
RGI is happy to support design-build workshops to teach concepts like design-thinking, visual fundamentals, tools and safety, prototyping, and electric circuitry basics. We welcome parents and other community members who have specialized design-build knowledge to extend. A variety of related disciplines—sewing, graphic design, architecture, sculpture, furniture design, product design, programming, media production, and engineering, for example—can be explored in this way.

Boys Building


As the name suggests, Saint Joseph Studio and the RGI School Spaces Project is a project; it will grow and evolve responsively as we all learn from the experience—and experiment—of having a modern design-build studio in a K-8 school. 


Saint Joseph Studio is guided by the principal, pastor, and teachers, as well as by RGI and its advisors. A Studio Coordinator, Mrs. Marnie Louis, is employed by RGI Creative and is a liaison between St. Joseph Parish School and RGI Creative. Mrs. Louis is a licensed teacher with a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction. She also works for RGI Creative providing content development for environmental exhibits in educational settings such as museums, libraries, and NASA. Mrs. Louis believes strongly in the Studio’s mission to empower students through hands-on opportunities that encourage innovative thinking, collaboration, and powerful communication.


Graduated Development Goal

We are excited to expand our partnerships with neighboring secondary schools such as St. Joseph Academy, St. Edwards High School, and Avon Lake High School..


As it develops, the goal is that Saint Joseph Studio will ultimately become a design-build studio for all, co-created by teachers, students, and families. Students will be expected to design, build, and present their ideas, demonstrating creative rigor.

Young Boy Designing


Teachers are designers by nature. They assess how their students must grow and improve, then devise ways to move them forward on their path. Teachers design lessons, strategies, classrooms, and, indeed, experiences for students—even though they might not have ever considered or called themselves designers before.


The Studio Coordinator works as a liaison between teachers and the designers and builders at RGI, bringing them together to develop lessons and experiences.

The Studio is a design-build extension of the typical classroom—it is not a utility space or a generic “makerspace.” It is intended to enhance learning and achievement by inspiring students to innovate. Teachers will play an important role in differentiating the Studio by activating, preserving, and promoting its unique intent.
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