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Studio Recess -January - Snow People Home Builders Challenge

For this quick 15 minute building challenge, students were given a five sided cardboard cube and a selection of materials. They were assigned a snow person looking for a new home who has very specific needs and desires. The students were challenged to build a home that meets their snow persons requirements in 15 minutes or less.

The students in grades 2 through grade 8 had the option of participating in this challenge. Here’s an example of a snow person requirement list for grades 6-8:

Alfred would like:

  • A red front door and a green back door, the front door must open and close and measure 4”tall and 2 ½” wide

  • Three windows (they can be just drawn in) with red curtains, that measure 1”x1” square

  • A bed that has a blue blanket that measures 3”x5”

*BONUS: An area rug with yellow, orange, and blue stripes, a wall clock, and a snow cat

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