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Studio Recess - December - Tekton Tool Challenge -Christmas Ornaments

During the winter months, students in all grades will have the option of attending the Studio for quick design-thinking challenges and projects during scheduled recess periods. We refer to these brisk design-thinking challenges as Tekton, the ancient Greek noun or term used for an artisan or craftsman; in particular a carpenter, woodworker, mason, builder, or teacher. Furthermore, it is most fitting for our school as this is a term used in the New Testament in reference to Joseph.

For the December Tekton Tool Challenge, students were required to use tools to build a mini tree stand or ornament. Some of the tools used were hand crank drills, screw drivers, and pliers. They had a work swiftly and creatively in just 15 minutes to complete the project and all students succeeded in making some incredible little Christmas trees and ornaments. Please take some time to view the photos.

When we return to school in January, students will have the choice of attending Studio Tekton Challenges once again. We will start the year off with a fun building challenge for a town of homeless snow people. It should be lots of fun!

Please keep in mind that the skills learned through short design-build challenges help prepare students to handle making business and life decisions in rapidly changing situations.

These types of challenges provide students opportunities to learn to assess a situation, define the problem, make a plan, and create solutions quickly- and in a really fun way!

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