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Kindergarten - Geometry Pet Toy Designers - 2019

The very creative kindergarten class spent a few days in the Studio designing and producing their own dog and cat toys. For this math based project, students practiced putting shapes together to create a form which would serve as a unique sewing pattern. To do this, students traced 2 or more shapes to make the pattern, traced and cut the pattern onto felt, assisted in sewing the pieces together (by pressing sewing machine pedal), stuffed and decorated both toys, and designed a packaging label! All of that in 4 days and they did a spectacular job!

This project lets even the youngest student experience the relevance and importance of mathematics in the real world, in a very creative and fun way.

In addition, they have designed well produced, professional looking pet toys, each with a surprise inside! The students should be proud of these toys that will surely please many furry friends!

Thank you to Edwin’s mom for her wonderful assistance with this Studio project!

Each kindergartner made 2 pet toys, they will come home with students to be shared with a pet, or a pet of a family member or friend.

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