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Kindergarten - Animal Courtyard Museum 2022

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The kindergarten students shared exciting facts about animals native to our area in this fun project called Animal Courtyard Museum. To start, we assigned the students an animal; they researched their animal, and created beautiful artwork of the animal.

So how did this become a sophisticated museum exhibit? Well, here’s how… With the help of talented designers and builders at RGI Creative, the kindergartner’s artwork was scanned and a builder used a CNC machine to cut pieces of wood fiber board in the exact shape of their animals. The students painted the wooden animals, they were sealed, and ready to become eye-catching and durable outdoor museum pieces. Then, the students their recited animal facts in a video recording with the use of our Studio green screen. Who wouldn’t love to hear what these kindergartners have to say about Ohio’s native wild animal population!? Please stay tuned for updates on the exhibit.

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