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Joey's Room! 2022-23

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

September 20th...UPDATE!! Wow!! Last week Joey had some very creative 1st graders help him out. In his little journal, Joey asked for nature art work, plants, colorful rugs, and some pets! Boy did the students deliver! Just take a look at Joey's updated and much more exciting room. He has so many fabulous additions to his space. Joey is thinking about adding a new space soon for more wonderful student creations. He is over the moon! Please check back soon for more updates!

Our little friend, Joey, has returned to the Studio with a blank room that is in desperate need of decorations and furniture! He hopes that the St. Joseph students and families can help him out! When you get a chance to visit the Studio please check out Joey's room and see how you can assist in making him a colorful and happy space. He has a tiny journal full of ideas just waiting for a creative hand to bring them come to life!

Please return to this blog post to see all the exciting developments that happen in Joey's room. This collaborative project encourages empathy, which is not only important in design but in our daily lives as we strive to make a difference in the world. Joey has faith that the SJS students will create an amazing place for him to live this school year!

Together little ideas can make big changes!

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