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Grade 8-Mosaics of Faith

Did you know that mosaics are considered one of the oldest forms of art? Last week in the Studio, the 8th grade students created some exceptionally beautiful glass mosaics designed to reflect religious meaning or symbolism.

Historically, we can learn a lot by studying mosaics.

Here’s just few interesting facts!

  • Small pieces of glass in mosaics were first used by the Egyptians during the New Kingdom (CA. 1550 to 1069 BC).

  • The ancient Greeks and Romans made mosaics that can be seen in Italy, England, France, and other countries that were once part of the Roman Empire.

  • Many beautiful mosaics date from the early Christian and Byzantine eras, from about 300 AD to 1400, in Italy, Greece, and other countries.

  • The mosaics in churches usually have pictures which tell Bible stories.

  • At Westminster Cathedral in London the mosaic decoration, which was started over 100 years ago, is still continuing!.

  • Mosaics are still used in many churches, homes, and buildings. Modern mosaics are made of various materials: mosaic tiles, bathroom tiles, broken roof tiles, broken dishes, broken mirrors, bits of metal and old bricks.

The 8th graders did a fabulous job of artistically representing their faith in these amazing mosaics. Check them out!

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