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Grade 7 - Design a Dream Scale!

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Win a customized dream room give-away?! Who could pass up that contest up?

But… if you want that builder to show up and build your free 11’x14’ dream room, you must follow those contest rules!

To enter this contest, we asked the students to design and build a true to scale model of their dream room that reflects their interests and passions.

We spent a day brainstorming and sketching, followed by several days of model construction. With access to cardboard, foam core paper, and balsa wood, we asked the students to build at least 5 pieces of furniture using a 1’=1” scale. They needed to keep in mind that any furniture, design motifs, and colors should reflect their chosen theme or room intent.

As seen in these photos, they came up with some really fun and creative rooms that were meticulously designed and well planned! It would be very challenging to judge the best in show with this group!

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