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Grade 6 - The Wonderful World of a Plant Cell

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

A fascinating world exists within our cells, so many intricate parts and functions must occur to keep a cell alive! The 6th grade class took a deep dive into those microscopic cell subunits, otherwise known as organelles, in this fun Studio project we call “Studio Walls to Cell Walls”. Cellular composition and functioning is an important unit covered in 6th grade life science, a topic that the students will revisit again in later years of elementary education, and in high school biology. This creative and hands on project is a compelling way to immerse students in this subject. For this project, students role played the various organelles, personifying them with human characteristics and attributes. In addition to building representations of the cell parts, many of the students designed costumes, wrote poems and songs, and even choreographed and performed dances to tell the organelle story. When students blend these various forms of creativity with the study of science, the subject matter becomes relevant and memorable. In addition, students have the chance to communicate in exciting and captivating ways while collaborating with peers. During these diverse collaborations, students get in touch with interests and skills that they may not explore in the traditional classroom.

Please enjoy the culmination of the students projects in the following

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