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Grade 6 - Studio Walls to Cell Walls

Mrs. Pruss’s sixth grade class brought their knowledge on the basics of Modern Cell Theory into the Studio and created a spectacular life-size display of a plant cell. The transformation of the Studio space into detailed cell parts known, known as organelles, educated the viewing audience last Friday. The audience was able to witness how the organelles work together to sustain the cell life. The students used an abundance of creativity through their thematic representation of the cell operation, comparing the inner workings to that of a bustling city. It was truly inspiring to see how each group of students approached their designs and worked together to solve problems. The students incorporated thoughtful script writing, original songs and dance, puppetry, metaphorical characterization, and innovative design. Please enjoy these photos from the walkthrough presentation. Videos will be uploaded later this week. We were very proud of the hard work and creativity that went into this project on behalf of the 6th grade class!

Also of interest, we discovered that a museum in Nagoya, Japan has created an exhibit with a similar concept. The curator of that exhibit sent some photos and videos of their exhibit and we’re excited to show them to the students next week so that they can see how their project is so similar to an actual professional-quality museum.

Many thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Frericks for assisting students in the Studio with this project!

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