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Grade 6: Classroom Walls to Cell Walls 2023

Updated: Mar 31

Mrs. Pruss’s 6th grade science class did an outstanding job with this life size cell exhibit! They applied their knowledge on microscopic cell subunits, otherwise known as organelles, in this fun project we call “Studio Walls to Cell Walls”. Cellular composition and functioning is an important unit covered in 6th grade life science, a topic that the students will revisit in later years of elementary education, and again in high school biology.

The act of building large scale replicas, writing metaphorical stories, and performing lively presentations makes this topic so much more fun and memorable. Not to mention, this project was a great opportunity to work collaboratively with peers. This year, the students also came up with ways to incorporate sensory experiences within the cell exhibit! Colored lighting effects, familiar plant scents such as lavender and eucalyptus, and sounds of music composed of plants electrical variations made this a truly immersive exhibit.

Plant cell knowledge will surely stick with these girls, and their audience, for many years to come. Thank you to all who came out to experience life inside a plant cell!

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