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Grade 6: Chinese Dynasty Kites 2023

Mrs. Marti’s 6th grade social studies class studied Chinese dynasties recently. What better way to apply their knowledge than through a creative kite design project! To start this project, the students learned how kite-making is an important tradition in Chinese culture, as well as being a fun and educational activity.

In addition, taking part in a kite-making activity can benefit students beyond just having fun. It boosts their creativity and problem-solving skills as they come up with designs and figure out the best materials to use. It also develops their patience and perseverance skills as kite-making requires attention to detail and following step-by-step instructions. Finally, it’s a great way to foster cultural awareness and appreciation as they learn about the history and significance of kites in Chinese culture.

The students created some bold and beautifully designed kites, and spent an energetic morning flying them in the cool fresh spring air!

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