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Grade 5 - Family Totem Poles

Ms. Bader’s 5th grade students creatively applied their knowledge of the Pacific Northwest tribes during a two week Studio project that incorporated social studies and fine arts. For this project, students took a deep dive into the history and meaning of totem pole design. After learning that totem poles were instrumental in communicating family stories, the students designed their own totem pole to reflect their family heritage, culture, faith, and interests. Mrs. Kearns instructed the students in designing and sculpting their own family totem pole. In addition, each student prepared a short informative video on totem poles. The totem poles and videos will be shared with families in the near future. Please stay tuned for a presentation date and time. These types of Studio projects allow students to experience and appreciate various creative communication methods. The act of designing a totem pole helps to establish a proud sense of identity and uniqueness that can be shared with the school and parish community.

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