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Grade 2 - Playground Designers

The 2nd grade class became landscape architects during the week of April 29th. This project was a wonderful opportunity to give voice to the some of our young students as they developed ideas for the future SJS playground. Both in the Studio and in their classroom, the students looked at photos of playgrounds all around the world. The students had a brainstorming session, and then surveyed the landscape as any good designer would do before sketching out ideas. The students were encouraged to think of ideas that they would like to see in a playground, while taking into consideration what would be good for others. The students came up with some wonderful and cutting edge ideas! Each student sketched his or her ideas, labeled the playground map with a key, selected a color pallete for the design, and built one piece of playground equipment to represent their unique design ideas. The students playground plans and photos will be put into a book and turned over to Mr. Stipek and the playground planning committee. There’s some truly inspirational and creative ideas in the 2nd grade!

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