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Grade 1 - Family Coat of Arms Pillow - 2019

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

The 1st grade class did a fantastic job of using their creativity to share family history and stories in their coat of arms pillow designs. After a brief discussion on the history of coats of arms, Miss Sliwinski’s students were ready to share about their own family origin, culture, faith, and interests. Following a day of sketching, the students completed their final drawings on fabric, then added bold details and brilliant color. Finally, they each participated in sewing their pillow by operating the sewing machine petal, adding stuffing, and creating a designer pillow tag. The students should be proud of their hard work! This type of project helps students experience communication and storytelling through an ancient and historically significant graphic art form. The students can take pride in their ability to create an informative and creative design that can be displayed in their family home for years to come.

Many thanks to our mom helpers on this Studio project! You truly helped it all run smoothly! We love parent volunteers in the Studio. If you are interested in volunteering, please notify me (Marnie or your child’s teacher. Thank so much for your support!

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