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7th Grade-Studio Designers

*These displays may viewed in person in the Parish Center Hall for the next two weeks! Come up to the fish fry one Friday and check them out!!*

In this SJS Studio project, the 7th grade students were asked to design a scaled studio space to meet a clients needs and desires for a growing business. Their “clients” (student peers) provided a list of criteria that they wanted to see in their studio space. These criteria were based on individual and business needs, as well as interests. The students were challenged to draw, design and build to scale a model of their clients dream studio. A graphic designer presented to the class on the first day, and provided the students with a guide to good design practices. The students were asked to use a 1”-1’ scale for all components of their blueprint drawing and model. In addition, students had to consider ADA needs and regulations, as well as overall desired aesthetic of the space. This project gave students hands on practice with relevant math content learning standards. The students utilized mental and creative focus as they worked through this project during a quick four day turn-around. The act of designing for others needs and desires helps students build empathy and compassion for others. It was a successful project, the students should feel proud of their tenacity and abilities to apply creative solutions.

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