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3rd Grade -Ingenious Inventors

Mrs. Kendera and Mrs. Massullo’s 3rd grade students became inventors during the week of October 22nd. To prepare for this project, the students spent time researching and discussing inventors. As an extension of their social studies curriculum, the students examined how some inventions, such as the Slinky, Super Glue, Playdoh, and Super Balls were created simply by accident. The students worked in pairs or small groups to incorporate three words which guided their design idea: a noun, a verb, and an adjective. The students had time to sketch and then proceeded to build some amazing invention prototypes. On Monday the 29th, the students got to present their inventions on the green screen set of “Shark Tank”. During their video presentations, the students introduced their invention, talked about what it does, and suggested who might use the invention. Many of the inventors also enjoyed presenting how they built their prototype. For each pair or group, a panel of “sharks” added their supportive feedback and asked some wonderful questions. The 3rd Grade Shark Tank Inventors videos can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Please enter the password: build.

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