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2nd Grade -Totally Tool Designs

Some incredible tool designs were created in the Studio this week by Ms. Mackin’s 2nd grade class! We opened the week with a presentation by an industrial designer. Our expert gave the students a glimpse into how a professional designer approaches tool design, discussing the importance of environmental, personal, and physical considerations. The students were then challenged to create an all-in-one tool for two very different professionals. In pairs, they randomly selected their professions. They took time to consider what tools would best serve the nature of the professions tasks and then conceptualized combining those needs into one. They created some wonderful sketches, and then set out to build the tools with given materials, such as cardboard, foam, and duct tape. We discussed that making a 3D model is an integral part of the design process and is practiced by many professionals in the early design stages. At the conclusion of the project, advertisement photos were taken with the students and their prototypes in the Studio “tool shop”. The tool ad photos will be posted on this news blog and put on display in the school within in the next week or so.

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