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1st Grade-Design For Family-Coat Of Arms Pillow

Mrs. Kenny and Mrs. Wesnitzer’s 1st grade students were in the Studio this week, ready and refreshed to create after the break. Following a brief social studies lesson on the history of the coat of arms, the students set out to design their own personal family coat of arms. If you have a 1st grader, please ask them what they learned about why the coat of arms was created during the Middle Ages. The students began the project by sketching on a paper template, and then transferred their ideas by drawing onto a fabric coat of arms template. Finally, each student got to sew their very own coat of arms pillow. This project gave the students some time to reflect on the unique interests and background that unite their family. Once again, I am impressed with the diligent creativity that surfaced in this project. The students will bring their finished pillows and descriptive scrolls home to share early next week. They will likely be a proud addition to their family’s homes.

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