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Design-Build Studio



Saint Joseph Design-Build Studio brings the tools, materials, and practices of a modern design-build studio into the school, creating opportunities for students to apply and extend learning beyond the classroom and improve the world through design. Created by, sponsored by, and modeled on RGI Creative, Saint Joseph Design-Build Studio prepares students to creatively solve practical problems and to compellingly communicate ideas.


The mission of our School Spaces Project is to recreate our studio environment within a school, where students can design and build their ideas to apply and extend what they learn in the traditional classroom. We believe that professional exposure and design-build training complement classroom learning and competitively differentiate students as they enter high school, college, career, and beyond.

St. Joseph Design Studio in action
Many schools have club rooms and places to extend learning, but schools will win students with a space to learn and practice design and build; indeed, a space that is about transformation—the transformation of students, transformation of educational experiences, transformation of the world—because
design is about transformation.
Design Build Studio


There are many ways to get involved. If you believe that you could provide a valuable design-build experience to students and teachers, please share your ideas. It takes a village to grow a movement. 

I want to get involved by:
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